"Warners against Warners"




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Dissolve in on the cage of Pinky and the Brain in the Acme lab
Two strange shadows enter from the bottom






Pinky: "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! NARF! I've never had so much fun, Brain!"
Brain and Pinky enter from the left
P: "But the best part twas when all that dynamites blowed up though we didn't light the fuse!"
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Brain opens the door and turns back to Pinky
B: "I wonder why that thing didn't hit and trap your lips!!!"







P: "Oh, don't worry about, Brain!"
Brain enters in the cage and leaves the scene to right




Brain's arm leaves from the cage and brings away Pinky
P: "ZORT!"
Pinky leaves the background
B: "Now be quiet! We must prepare!"
P: "For what, Brain?"
B: "To sleepy time!!"
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A magic cube is throwed out of the cage
B: "How many time I gotta repeat you to don't leave your games on my bed?"
P: "But Brain, that..."
B: "Shut up and sleep!"




Two men enter from the door
Slimmo: "Let's be hurry to bring away the waste, so we can have our breakfast!"




The second man enters from left and gets the sack
Rollo: "This the only one! We can go!"

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S: "Oh, wonderful!"








Rollo enters from the right and sees the cube on the ground
R: "Hey! Take this!"
Rollo gives the sack to Slimmo and grabs the cube



Rollo plays with the cube
R: "I'm the master of this kind of games!"
Rollo plays a while, so he exits to the left
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Rollo enters from the right
S: "All done! Let's go!"
R: " Eah! What a stupid game!"
Rollo throws the cube behind him
Slimmo and Rollo exit to the left







The cube enters from the left, bounces and stops
The cube starts to vibrate and lights
THE CAMERA TRACKS TO LEFT making the cube leave the scene



From the cube's shadow some familiar shadows come out!



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