"Vivi Forever"


Written by Federica Giulietti and Agata Matteucci
Drawings by Federica Giulietti and by Agata Matteucci in the humans scenes




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The cartoon representations of the cast and crew are
not in any way meant to be indicative of the feelings of the actual persons.
They simply are being used as show characters within the Animaniacs universe,
with their own motivations for the show's cancellation, in lieu of the cartoon
universe having corporate executives (besides Mr Plotz!).
We know that the real cast and crew actually would like to make
new episodes as much as we would like to see them!"



reaa.jpg (31789 byte)  
Close up of a box full of black holes




D: "Comin' up..."
Wakko puts his hand in the box
Y: "Ready..."
Wakko grabs a black hole
Y: "...aim..."
Wakko prepares himself to throw the hole
Y: "Fire one! Fire two!"
Wakko throws the first hole as a fresbee then, quickly, throws another one
reab.jpg (25532 byte)  
Close up of the hole meanwhile the background runs
(We know it: there's no the picture of! We're saving our energy!!!)
The hole comes in on the right, while a cowboy, riding a horse, enters from left
The hole lands





The horse falls in the hole, while the cowboy is still floating in the air
The second black hole enters in the scene and lands on the ground




The cowboy stops over the hole, looks at the camera and, then, falls down
Director: "CUT!"
reac.jpg (46151 byte)  
D: "164!"
HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!!!!"
Dot, Yakko and Wakko fall down from the tree




Yakko, Dot and Wakko are still laugh

read.jpg (40713 byte)  
Two unknown characters are plotting behind the Warners
A: "There they are!! C'mon: go to them!"
F: "Me? Are you crazy? I feel embarassed!"
A: "But didn't you say as soon as you'd get to see them you would have jumped on them?"
F: "Look, who's talking, now!"



Aggie and Federica look down
AF: "Mhm?!?!"
W: "Hi..."
Aggie and Federica start and jump away to the top



Aggie and Federica fall from the top and land
reae.jpg (25052 byte)  
Wakko, Dot and Yakko come over
Aggie and Federica sprang on their feet
A: "Helloooo..." F: "Ciaooo..."





A: "No!! They're americans! We were supposed to say "Hellooo Nurse!!" "
F: "It's okkaY! They're polyglots, they would have understand "Ciao Infermiera" anyway!"
Dot stares at the camera
A: "We've been trying this scatch for a whole month!!!"
Wakko picks up a star and eats it
F: "C'mon, you know that's the way I'm made!!!!"

reaf.jpg (26081 byte)  
Y: "All right, all right! That's enough! Who are you?"







Aggie stops what she as doing, so leaves Federica who falls down
A: "We're two of your biggest fans! We're coming from reality to meet ya!!"
reag.jpg (36169 byte)  

Y: "Elementary, now I see why you're so clumsy! But passing from reality to here is almost impossible: how did you do that?"






Federica stands up
F: "Of course, it's 'cause the big love we feel f..."
Aggie hits Federica by her elbow, so Federica stops her phrase
F: "...for your show!!!"




Aggie and Federica grin at them
reah.jpg (43117 byte)  
D: "Mhm... something doesn't convince me at all..."










Dot enters from the right and stops in front of Federica and Aggie, while Yakko and Wakko appear
Aggie and Federica fall back
reai.jpg (37780 byte)  
A: "Dhaa! She didn't understand anything!!"






Dot, Yakko and Wakko appear
D: "Should I take it as an insult?"
W: "What didn't she understand?"
A: "Errr.... we 'rrr'..."
Y: "Ehy! What's wrong with you? Have you a frog in your throat??? C'mon, out with it!!!"



Aggie stands up
reaj.jpg (44200 byte)  
Federicastands up
A: "PWA!!"
Aggie spits out a frog
Aggie grabs her neck
A: "Wha... what happened? Oh God!!"




A: "...really did I that?!?!
It's impossible!
It can't have done that!!!"

Federica opens Aggie's mouth and looks inside while Wakko, Dot and Yakko show up and stare at the camera

Federica is still looking into the Aggie's mouth
Meanwhile Wakko enters to the left and Yakko to the right
Federica and Aggie suddenly turn to them
Y: "Oh, come here, just relax! You'll get used this..."
Wakko and Yakko hold out their hands to Aggie and Federica, who get their earths in the throats
reak.jpg (31648 byte)  
Aggie and Federica get the Warners' hand




Aggie and Federica get striked by a discharge of electricy and become
They turn to a neon sign saying "EAT AT JOE'S" that flashes twice
So there's a big explosion





WDY: "AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!!!!!"

real.jpg (35806 byte)  
F: "They made me a little enraged, about you?"
A: "Don't make me tell this: this's a
kids' program!!!"






Federica enters from the left and draws near Yakko who's still laughing
Y: "AH! AH! AH! AH!"






Federica steps violently on Yakko's feet
Yakko rises to his feet


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"Vivi forever" ©1999 Federica Giulietti and Agata Matteucci
Federica Warner created by Federica Giulietti
Aggie Warner created by Agata Matteucci

Animaniacs™, Pinky and the Brain ™  and Tiny Toons™ are ©Warner Bros. or Amblin Entertainment

This fanfic is a no-profit product and not intended to infringe the above copyrights or dilute the characters.
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