Unclassable moral


Written by Federica Giulietti
Drawings by Federica Giulietti


Mora.JPG (31350 byte)  
Wakko, Yakko and Dot enter and stop to close up




Y: "It's that time, again!!"





D: "To go in the malls and lick all the lollipops?"
Morb.JPG (25572 byte)  
W: "To put some sweets in our noses?"
Wakko put two sweets in his nose









Y: "NOOO! It's time to learn the moral of the day..."
Morc.JPG (27325 byte)  
Y: "...and to do this..."





Y: "...we'll turn to the Wheel of Morality!!!"
The Wheel of Morality enters from right




Yakko starts the wheel
Y: "
Wheel of Morality, turn, turn, turn!
Tell us the lesson that we should learn!!"
Mord.JPG (31700 byte)  
The Wheel of Morality exits to the left
Look Wakko's hears, please!!! ;)





Yakko, Wakko and Dot look to left, while the answer comes out



Yakko gets the paper
Y: "...and the moral of today is...."

Y: "Check the correct working of the Wheel of Morality, every month"

More.JPG (45405 byte)  
Y: "Didja know it?"
Wakko shakes his head

You can hear the noise of Ralph's whistle





YWD: "Yahy!!!!
Wakko, Yakko and Dot exit to right



Ralph enters from left and leaves to right worried





The Wheel of Morality enters from left and leave to right, too