"The «New Animaniacs» english theme"


Written by Federica Giulietti
Drawings by Federica Giulietti


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It's time for Animaniacs!
And we're zany to the max!
Hey, look, now with us
there's a couple of superstars,
for the Animaniacs!!!
Come join the Warner brothers
and the Warner sister Dot!
With other zany girls
we overthrow the studio lot!
When they stopped our zany show
they just got a big shock
so, now they swear,
you just beware
'cause noone make them stop!!!
Here's the new Animaniacs!!
The Warners proudly present:
Federica and Aggie came
from reality and now they're stuck
with the Animaniacs!
Look Aggie and Wakko Warner
got a daughter and two sons
Yakopo and Dorotea,
have together so much fun!
who together have much fun!
Wakko Walker Warner
really looks like his dad!!
And Yakko and Federica?
Are you kiddin'? No way, folks!!!!
We're new Animaniacs!
Be afraid because we're back!
We're zany to the max
and we've changed our own aspects!
We're Animani,
totally insane-y!!
New Animaniacs!!!!
Those are the facts!!!

thema.JPG (34012 byte)
themb.JPG (19147 byte)
Unvaried scene
DWY: "It's time for Animaniacs!"






Unvaried scene
WYD: "And we're zany to the max!!!"




Wakko, Yakko and Dot enter in the scene
WYD: "Hey, look! Now with us
there's a couple of superstars..."
Wakko, Yakko and turn and the curtains open themselves
themc.JPG (21576 byte)
themd.JPG (28839 byte)
WYD: "...for the Animaniacs!!!"







Unvaried scene
YW: "Come join the Warner brothers..."




Unvaried scene
D: "...and the Warner sister, Dot..."
themda.JPG (41457 byte)  
YWD: "...with other zany girls..."






YDW: "...we overthrow..."
Aggie and Federica enter in scene from the sides
AYDWF: "...the studio lot!"



A stamp is putting on the Animaniacs script
YWD: "When they stopped our zany show ..."


theme.JPG (42670 byte)  
Federica and Aggie're watching the TV, then they turn
YWDFA: "...they just got a big shock!!!"







YWDFA: "So, now they swear..."




FA: "...you just beware..."
themf.JPG (37120 byte)  
YWDFA: "...'cause noone make them stop!!!"







Unvaried scene
YWD: "Here's the new Animaniacs..."





YWD: "The Warners proudly present:"


themg.JPG (44312 byte)  
YWD: "...Federica and Aggie came..."






Federica and Aggie jump and exit to bottom
YWD: "...from reality and they're now stuck..."




Federica and Aggie fall from up into Yakko's and Wakko's arms
YWDFA: "...with the Animaniacs!!!"
themh.JPG (46096 byte)  
Interlude =E)






YWDFA: "Look Aggie and Wakko Warner
got a daughter and two sons!"
Wakko shows the notice



Dorotea spurs Yakopo
YWDFA: "Yakopo and Dorotea,
have together so much fun!"
themi.JPG (45318 byte)  
YWDFA: "Wakko Walker Warner
really looks like his dad!!!"





Yakko and Federica look Aggie and Wakko
YWDFA: "And Yakko and Federica?"
Yakko and Federica turn
Yakko blushs
YWDFA: "Are you kiddin'? No way, folks!!!"



YWDFAYWD (all together, now!): "We're the new Animaniacs!!!
Be afraid because we're back!!!"
theml.JPG (58618 byte)  
FA: "We're zany to the max
and we've changed our own aspects!!!"







YWDFAYWD: "We're Animani,
totally insane-y!!!"





themm.JPG (46567 byte)  
YWDFAYWD: "New..."
Crowded! Isn't it!!!













YWDFAYWD: "Those are the facts!!!"




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"The new Animaniacs english theme" ©1999 Federica Giulietti

Federica Warner created by Federica Giulietti
Aggie Warner created by Agata Matteucci
Yakopo, Wakko Walker and Dorotea Warner created by Agata Matteucci

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