Written by Federica Giulietti
Drawings by Federica Giulietti




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toona.JPG (38925 byte)  
View of the water tower
From it you can hear a very lot of confusion's noises





Yakko and Wakko and, on their heads, Dorotea and Yakopo, enter from the right and exit to the bottom by a train
toonb.JPG (55841 byte)  
An elicopter stands up from the bottom
D: "Air base, can you hear me? We ask the permess to land!"
The elicopter exits to the top
(Logically!!! ;PPP)





Federica's making the thing she can do better: to throw away her time with her animations, while, around her, the confusion rules
Yakopo enters from the right and falls




Wakko Walker falls on Federica's head from the top
F: "Ouch!!"
Yakopo: "UAAAAAAAA!!!!"
toonc.JPG (57298 byte)  
Federica turns
F: "Aggie!! Take care of your childs!!!!"
A: "Ah! Can have you a quick look to them, for few minutes? I and Dot are making the lunch!"






F: "SIGH!"



Federica takes away Wakko Walker from her head, then she leans against the table
F: "Kiddos..."
D: "Lunchtime!!!"
Wakko Walker and Yakopo run away to the right
Federica looks at the camera very annoyed
toond.JPG (47796 byte)  
Y: "Hey, Wakko!! You're not too bad, like father, ya know?"
The doorbell rings

(HA! HA!)



Dot enters from the bottom
D: "I'll get it!!"
Dot comes to the door and opens it
MY personal version of Cicken Boo gives a letter to Dot, then goes away



Dot turns back and stops on the close up
D: "It's a letter for you both: Yakko and Federica Warner!"
toone.JPG (39215 byte)  
Yakopo, by a feline cunning, jumps and runs away to right
A: "Yakopo!!!"
Aggie exits to the right
F: "Uh? Who sent it?"





D: "Mmmh... There's not the sender's address..."





F: "Well, then it's certamently an advertising! What is it talking about?"





"TOONZ" ©1999 Federica Giulietti

Federica Warner created by Federica Giulietti
Aggie Warner created by Agata Matteucci
Yakopo, Wakko Walker and Dorotea Warner created by Agata Matteucci and Federica Giulietti
Toonz Warner created by Federica Giulietti

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