Escape n3


Written by Federica Giulietti
Drawings by Federica Giulietti


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The door opens, then Wakko, Yakko and Dot escape out

Wakko has a rope tied to his leg






Yakko brings up Wakko by the neck, then brings his legs
Dot gets a gun
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Yakko goes near the balustrade, then stretchs Wakko while Dot lifts the gun

Dot shoots and Yakko throws Wakko away










Wakko catchs by his theet a branch and turns around it two times
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Fu3e.JPG (14455 byte)









Yakko gets Dot and puts her on the seat





Yakko seats, too, then they leave to the left
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Yakko and Dot enter from the left top and land






Dot leaves the scene, running, to the left
Yakko cuts the rope tied to Wakko's leg




Yakko leaves to the left
Wakko lands
Fu3g.JPG (28509 byte)  
Wakko waves







Wakko shakes his head...





...and get better
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Wakko leaves to the left